Relg 203 Study Guide

Topics: Jesus, Antichrist, Mary Magdalene Pages: 5 (1876 words) Published: January 30, 2013
RELG 203: Final Exam Revision

* 666: Satan’s number, associated with the fact Satan had 3 faces and 3 sets of wings, the number of the beast * 70 Weeks: Seventy sevens decreed for Jerusalem to finish their transgression and stop sin, From the time the world goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, until the Anointed one comes, there will be seven sevens and sixty two sevens. The anointed one will be put to death and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary, the end will come like a flood: war will continue until the end and desolations have been decreed. Will make a covenant with many in one seven, will put an end to sacrifice and suffering in the middle of the seven * Abomination of Desolation: Desolation of Jerusalem would last 70 years, the anointed one will set up abomination that causes desolation in the temple * Anti-Christ: Often seen in pop-culture as the son of Satan e.g. Rosemary's baby and the devils advocate, portrayal of the antichrist more in the New testament than the old testament due to Christ being involved. Paul's second letter (although its possible Paul did not write this) makes a reference to a "lawless one" or a son of destruction who will declare himself god. There are multiple references to a false-Christ, or false prophets but only one reference to a singular antichrist. Revelations dragon and beast, antichrist image bound to the serpent. The antichrist is a composite figure put together from all the images to form a single idea. Connected with the serpent and leviathan in the Hebrew bible * Apocalypse: Literary genre, some apocalypses are older than Daniel but never made it into the Bible, Daniel and Revelation * Babylon: Judean elites were exiled to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, Gold of Nebuchadnezzar's dream refers to Babylon, Monk named adsol states the Anti-Christ will be born in Babylon. In biblical terms it is a symbol of evil, the destruction of evil is foretold in the new testament. Babylonian empire oppressed the Jewish people * Behemoth & Leviathan: Anti Christ in the old testament, God created these beings, monsters of chaos * Bryd’s Turn Turn Turn: From the book Ecclesiastics

* Cassie Bernall: Student killed in Columbine, seen as a martyr by some Christians, asked if she believed in God before she was killed * Classical Sources of Western Culture: Greece, Rome, Israel * Conversion: To change from one religion to another, Paul converts from Judaism to follow Jesus, his conversion dates to 36 CE * Cumaean Sybil: Prophetess of classic antiquity, prophesised redemption, prophetess of birth of Christ * Daniel 9:24-27: 70 weeks are decreed, refers the restored king of Judah, After 62 weeks another prophet will come, Second anointed one will be cut off, People relate the story to Jesus * Dispensationalism: Belief in a system of historical progression of Biblical events as laid out by God, a series of stages of God’s revelation and plan of salvation * Eden/Gethsemene: Both Garden’s created by God, Eden is discussed in Genesis 1 for Adam & Eve, Gethsemene is in Jerusalem where Jesus and his disciples prayed before his crucifixion * Eve/Mary: Eve was the woman belonging to Adam and was created from his rib, Mary was the mother of Jesus who immaculately conceived him through God’s grace * Exile/Restoration: Garden Wilderness, Promised land Egypt/Babylon, Dominant themes in the fall from Eden, * Ezekiel 1-4: Ezekiels first vision, he sees the wheel immortalized * Ezekiel 11: God’s judgment on Jerusalem, those in exile to be restored, conclusion of the vision * Ezekiel 37:1-14: Israel’s dry bones restored to life, valley of the bones is new life, “We are cut off” * Ezekiel 47:1-12: The river of life from the temple, story of the life in the river that leads away from the temple, it’s power comes from God * Faust: Protagonist of a classic German legend, exchanging his...
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