Reading Response to Ali and Nino - Short Essay

Topics: Marriage, Family, Religion Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Reading Response to Ali and Nino
The most evident and reoccurring theme that I noticed in Kurban Said’s, Ali and Nino was the importance of religion and cultural backgrounds. In many different places in the story it is evident that Ali and Nino have been taught some completely different things about the world in general. The first major example that I found is when Ali speaks with his father and Nino’s father about marrying Nino. Although they are both somewhat supportive of the marriage, they both send completely opposite messages. Ali’s father tells him that the love for Nino is not necessary and that if he wants Ali can still marry up to three more wives. Contrary to Ali’s fathers belief, Nino’s father feels very differently. He feels that he must show unconditional love and treat her with the dignity and respect that she deserves. He also feels that he should focus all her energy and love on her rather than having any other wives. If Nino’s father doubts Ali’s for his daughter, maybe that is part of the reason why he tried to postpone the wedding. The second example I found is when Nino tells Ali he absolutely can not have a harem because it is considered a disgraceful tradition of Ali’s background to Nino and her family. Ali agrees that he will not have a Harem and then the question of whether or not Nino will have to wear a veil. After a bit of deliberation between Ali and Nino, they were still unable to reach a conclusion to whether or not Nino would have to wear a veil. Nino does not understand why a women must wear a veil whereas Ali feels that it is very important that the women does so that Nino will be protected from strangers looks.Although Ali and Nino are very much in love there are very many cultural differences and misunderstandings that make this inter religion/faith marriage a bit more complicated.

This idea of religious differences and cultural misunderstandings really hits home for me. As a Jewish adult, it has always been very important...
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