Qmb Chapter 13 Practice Questions

Topics: Noble gas Pages: 3 (644 words) Published: December 13, 2012
problem 1step 1
data inputplan Alevel aggregate plan using inventory and back orders cost data
regular time labor cost per hr10step 2 production rate overtime labor cost per hr15total demand3400034000 subcontracting cost per unit labor only84number of periods6400 holding cost per unit per period1033600net inventory demand back order cost per unit per period20step 35600aggregate level production rate hiring cost per employee600number of workers to produce firing cost per employee450reg time available per period160 capacitiy dataeach unit labor hrs per period6 begin workforce employees210each employee produces26.67 begin inventory units400number of workers needed 210 labor standard per unit6workers on hand210 reg time avail per period160hirehire0

overtime aval per period32firehire0
subcontracting max per period 1000
subcontracting min per period500
step 4123456totals
demand datademand60004800784052006560360034000if negative=excess inventory
period 16000cum demand units56001040018240234403000033600if postive =not enough inventory to meet demand
period 24800prod. Per period units56005600560056005600560033600.00and must use back order units
period 37840cum produ. Units5600.0011200.0016800.0022400.0028000.0033600.00
period 45200cum dem minus cum. Prod. Units0.00-800.001440.001040.002000.000.00too much or not enough inventory
period 56560ending inventory unitsFALSEFALSE000FALSE123456
period 63600FALSE-800FALSEFALSEFALSEFALSE800 not enough inventory too much inventory not...
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