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Intro: Public Policy

Take place in public system-government

Policy in political structure arena –policy issue in govt agency; parks

Economic cal 12.1% LA over 15%

Interest group –chamber of commerce for is an interest group

Public Policy (brought up) is idea perception when there is an issue program (maybe)

Learn policy process – look at: how get an agenda setting? How policy formulate (theory)=negotiated, bargain involved==Corporation (theory)

-agenda setting, formulation, (decision making),

Implementation, evaluation (this tools to analysis, focus)

What role you have in public. Have in process of public policy?

What are?: cost benefit –need to analysis (to measure the benefit

Key Q’s for the course

What is public policy? Govt activity or inactivity by govt
How is it determined? How can we come to understand it?
Why is it important to Public Managers?
Public Policy:
• Govt activity or in-activity by govt
• Who gets what and how? (Harold Lasgwell)
• Take place in govt and constitutional places
Public Policy can be viewed as set of struggles and trade offs: • Developmental vs. re-distribute vs. regulatory policy • Symbolism vs. substance
• Procedure vs. policy change
• Collective goods (parks-benefit everyone) vs. private goods (benefit only individual) • Efficiency vs. equity
Pg 18 (blue book) opportunity-spill over

Public Policy flows from the Constitution and its evolution
1. Constitution setup an initial structure: stage –agenda setting formulation, etc… 2. Most problems were handled locally (lawyers, parties)
3. With industrialization =, movement for interest coordination: the more industrialization, the standard across the nation will be in which will cause the breakdown 4. Strengthening national govt

5. Income tax: product oversea, charge tax coming into the states; protect the industries and raise $$$ 6. World war: provide jobs to pay for the needs of the war

Public Managers: when to move policy, put in agenda, how to formulate, etc.. Need to understand politics and timing

Who are the players?

• Institutions:
• Legislative
• Executive
• Bureaucracy
• Courts
-Legislation only put the program in place
-Agency leaders (public manager) shape the way the agency will be Q’s: How to implement and where and who is eligible?

Regulatory agency (public managers) maybe sue for reason not doing their job or provide the service Who are the players?
• Legislators
• Chief Executive
• Parties
• Voters

Who you act with?
• Interest groups-Peace officer, firefighters, life guards, public defender, law enforcement, doctors-these are the people who risk their life-these are interest groups that has lobbyist who fight for their benefits, retirement • Media

How is Public Policy decided?
Policy context:
History of past policies-places limits on new policy options-Is there a past policy? Environmental factors-cultural, political, demographic, economic, social and ideological Example: abortion-in California 18 under can go and get an abortion vs. Pennsylvania; you will need to go to counseling if you want an abortion California consider very liberal ie. Same sex marriage

Budget Factors
• Structure of the public policy:
• Rationalism
• Incrementalism (irrationality of politics)
• How can we come to understand the Policy Process?
• Easton’s “Systems Approach” –systems: all players • In the system approach in public policy is made up of vacuum

Stages of the process:
Problem recognition to issue identification
1. Agenda setting
2. Policy formulation-write it, address it
3. Policy adoption-adopt it
4. Policy Implementation-put in place
5. Policy Analyst & Evaluation

The more to see the external/border factors

Actually, a dynamic, ongoing, interrelated process
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