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GEO 3340 Political Geography 1st Exam Study Guide
*IMPORTANT: if it’s not on this study guide, it’s not going to be on the exam* •Know the definition of political geography as it was given by the Ad Hoc Committee on Geography of the AAG (this is the one we gave in class) oThe study of the interaction of geographical area and political process •Know the man who is considered the father of modern political geography oFriedrich Ratzel

Be able to define personal space and proxemics
oPersonal space - most basic form of territoriality. most tolerable to things close to our face, expands at the sides and from back of head oProxemics - way people preceive and use space in various cultures •Know the most extreme NONVIOLENT reaction to personal space being violated oflight and surrendering space

Know how territories of animals have been observed to change size due to resource availability ochange according to resource availability. (more resources= smaller territory) •Know some of the advantages of territory and territoriality among animals okeeping pop in check by limiting breeding, reduce friction among members of the species, protect feeding and nesting sites, reduce rate of spread of diseases and parasites, affording some security for weak or subordinate animals •Know how hierarchy and rank interact with territory and territoriality among humans omove up- space expands. where people sit at meetings and formal dinners is important. Humans claim territory (fence, graffitti) •Know how scale affects territorial feelings and allegiances (specifically, at what scale do we see territorial allegiances being virtually non-existent) oterritory feelings are not as strong when it has been forced. at continent scale- territoriality disapears. •What is considered to be possibly the strongest political force in the world today onationalism

Know what basis nationality is usually conferred upon
ousually where you are born confirms nationality
Be able to define mental map and know some of the typical information that is distorted on them when they are drawn oOur mind's model of a particular place or space. Influenced by location and culture. Distortion of objective reality with our misconceptions/biases •Know the difference between absolute location and relative location oRelative location means to locate a place relative to other landmarks while absolute location is locating a place using a coordinate system •Know the difference between absolute distance and relative distance oAbsolute distance is expressed in physical units such as kilometres and is unchangeable. Relative distance includes any other kind of distance such as time-distance •Know the difference between absolute direction and relative direction oabsolute direction is the exact direction on a compass down to the degrees, minutes, and seconds. relative direction is the general direction such as north south east and west •Know the four qualities every map possesses

oshape, area, direction, distance
Know what propaganda maps can be used for
opolitics, religion and persuasion. they have an intention
Be able to define State
oAn independent country consisting of a specific territory and citizens bound by a sovereign government that demands (but doesn't always obtain) their loyalty •Be able to name AND describe with some detail the 5 geographic requirements for States and the 2 political science/international law requirements for States o5 geographic requirements –

permanent resident population,
organized economy,
circulation network- communication and transportation
o2 –
sovereignty- completely free from direct external control. Recognition
Be able to define nation
oa group of people. Usually refers to a reasonably large group of people with a common culture, a territory they view as a homeland, and sharing one or more cultural traits (language, religion, historical experience,...
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