Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal Verbs

The following text contains twenty phrasal verbs. As you read the document, find the verbs and use the context to guess their meaning.

Loïc Le Bihan opened his eyes and tried to figure out why it was daylight. His house robot, Jeeves, sensed that his master was now awake and informed him in his deep, reassuring voice that it was 9.30 a.m. on Friday 12th January 2057 and that the temperature in Brest was 17°, which was well below the average temperature for this time of year. Loïc immediately sat up in bed thinking he had overslept but then he remembered that he hadn’t programmed Jeeves to wake him as he usually did because today was the day he had been looking forward to for years, the first day of his retirement.

He should have retired six months ago on his 70th birthday, but he had agreed to fill in for Jean-Marc, his colleague who had been off work because of illness. Unfortunately, Jean-Marc had passed away six weeks ago and Loïc had decided that he should no longer put off the decision to give up work for good. He therefore turned down his boss’s offer to go on to 75, which many employees did these days, and here he was on the brink of a new life!

So it was already half past nine! Well, so what? He would stay in bed while Jeeves was preparing his breakfast. He had programmed his robot last night and knew that he would soon arrive with a tray of freshly-brewed coffee and home-baked croissants.

How life had changed in 50 years since he had left Brest IUT in 2007! Time had gone by so quickly, but he still remembered his student days as if they had ended yesterday. He looked back on them as some of the happiest days of his life; he had made so many friends and had looked up to the teachers, especially that nice Marcel Le Floch who was so patient, never lost his temper or looked down on the students, even when he was handing out their accounting papers with poor marks! Of course, one or two teachers had been more...
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