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Topics: Photography, History of photography, Daguerreotype Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: April 15, 2013
1.Write a definition describing the photogram. A photogram is picture, usually abstract, produced on sensitive photographic material (usually photographic paper). A photogram is created without the use of the camera by placing an object on the material and exposing to light.

2.Outline the process involved in creating a photogram; In a darkroom, or a darkened room, objects are arranged on top a piece of photographic material, usually photographic paper. Objects with different opacities on one print are more affective and interesting. When the operator is satisfied with the arrangement, the photographic material is exposed with light, usually by switching on an enlarger or other artificial light source. The material is then processed, washed and dried.

3.In one paragraph of research on the ‘Rayograph’ outline; A Rayograph was Man Ray's personal name for the photograms he made. Man Ray was an American modernist artist who spent most of his career in Paris, France. He was also a renowned fashion and portrait photographer as well as a significant contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements and was the man who made photograms popular. Man Ray created a Rayograph/photogram by capitalising on the plain and unexpected effects of negative imaging, unusual juxtapositions of identifiable objects (such as spoons and pearl necklaces), variations in the exposure time given to different objects within a single image, and moving objects as the sensitive materials were being exposed. A Rayograph is created by placing objects directly onto a chemically “sensitized” surface and then exposing them to light.

4.Paragraph of research on ‘Photogenic Drawing’ outline; Photogenic drawings were invented by William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877), William Henry Fox Talbot was born in Dorset in 1800. He was a quiet, shy man, a botanist, linguist, mathematician and inventor. His mother, Lady Elizabeth Fielding, was an artist. Talbot honeymooned in Italy with his wife,...
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