Personal Selling and Sales Management

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Personal Selling and Sales Management
Scope and Importance of Personal Selling
In the US, 14 million people are employed in sales positions, according to the department of labor.  Sales personnel include stockbrokers, manufacturing sales representatives, real estate brokers etc.  Most students in this class will have been employed as a sales person. Nature of Personal Selling

Gives marketers:
* The greatest freedom to adjust a message to satisfy customers informational needs, dynamic. * Most precision, enabling marketers to focus on most promising leads. vs. advertising, publicity and sales promotion * Give more information

* Two way flow of information, interactivity.
* Discover the strengths and weaknesses of new products and pass this information on to the marketing department. * Highest cost. Businesses spend more on personal selling than on any other form of promotional mix. * Goals range from

* finding prospects
* convincing prospects to buy
* keeping customers satisfied--help them pass the word along. Types of Sales Persons
Order Takers
Seek repeat sales, make certain that customers have sufficient product quantities where and when they need it. Do not require extensive sales effort. Arrange displays, restocks them, answer phone calls. Low compensation, little training required. High turnover of personnel. 2 types: * Inside Order Takers receive orders by mail/phone, sales person in a retail store. * Field Order Takers travel to customers. Use laptop computers to improve tracking of inventory and orders etc. Order Getters

Sell to new customers and increase sales to present customers, sometimes called creative selling.  Generate customer leads, provide information, persuading customers and closing sales. Required for high priced, complex and/or new products. High pressure, requires expensive, time consuming training. Support Personnel

Facilitate the selling function. Primarily business to business products. * Missionary Salespeople Distribute information regarding new goods or services, describes attributes and leaves materials, does not close sales. Assist producers' customers in selling to their own customers. IE call on retailers and persuade them to carry the product. Pharmaceuticals may go to doctors offices and persuade them to carry their products. * Trade Salespeople May perform order taking function as well. Spend much time helping customers, especially retail stores, to promote the product. Restock the shelves, set up displays. Technical Salespersons Offer technical assistance to current customers. Usually trained engineers etc. * Service Salespeople interacts with customers after sale is complete. Team selling...entire team of selling professionals in selling to and servicing major customers, especially when specialized knowledge is needed to satisfy different interests in customers' buying centers. Elements of the Personal Selling Process

No 2 salespersons use exactly the same sales method, but it is generally a seven step process: Prospecting and Evaluating
Seek names of prospects through sales records, referrals etc., also responses to advertisements. Need to evaluate if the person is able (Undergraduate degree to attend a graduate program), willing and authorized to buy. Blind prospecting-rely on phone directory etc. Preapproach (Preparing)

Review key decision makers esp. for business to business, but also family * assess credit histories
* prepare sales presentations
* identify product needs.
Helps present the presentation to meet the prospects needs.
Approaching the Customer
Manner in which the sales person contacts the potential customer. First impression of the sales person is Lasting and therefore important.  Strive to develop a relationship rather than just push the product.  Can be based on referrals, cold calling or repeat contact.

Making the Presentation
Need to attract and hold the...
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