Personal Contribution

Topics: Learning, Writing Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Personal contribution

As to personal contribution, in fact, I haven’t done a lot of work compared to some team members, but I do have learnt many new things. I had spent nearly one week learning what our project should be at the beginning of our project. And then Sam and Kyle assigned tasks to Cloud and me, such that we two formed the QA team and do testing. Our first task is checking the php file of school module timetable. Firstly, I sampled more than 3000 lines of codes and found nothing abnormal, but my partner cloud found a mistake on the length of classes. Then I wrote a bugging report for this and post it on our website. Finally, it was fixed by our technical team. Before the first deadline of this project, our team did the assignment together in the lab. It was the first time that all of our group members made efforts to the same thing, and everyone had his or her own job in this coursework. Additionally, Sam taught us how to edit files and other things we needed to know, it was a good experience to learn together and work in a team. On Oct 29 2012 it was the first time I was in the chair. Because of my poor English and lack of experiences, SurperV gave me a brief explanation on the range of chair person’s work and taught us how we should write minutes and agenda, for which I think it is a fault on the right side. Although I didn’t do it well, our whole group learned a lot about meeting skills. In the previous semester, I was assigned to write some module tags, which was also part of testing. About this, I must say sorry to our group members and thanks for the patience of our technical team. At the outset, I could not understand what kind of tags our technical team actually need, so I did it wrongly. For this reason Kyle wrote a very brief introduction to us and followed that, I worked hard and completed the task. Then Kyle gave some suggestions to help us make tags correct and improve them. And finally I selected simply two modules’ tags from each...
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