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MGMT2013 : Introduction to HRM (A)  | Instructor: PROF. MADIHA HAMID|

        | Introduction to Business; Introduction to Management|

     | Introduction to human resource management in a dynamic environment. Strategic human resource planning, recruitment and the foundation of selection devices. Employee orientation. Employee training and development careers. Motivation and job design evaluating. Employee performance rewards and compensation. Employee benefits. Introduction to labor relations collective bargaining. Legal issues in HRM.|

     | After studying this course the students should be able to: 1. Explain the nature and scope of Human Resource Management 2. Describe the basic functional areas of HRM 3. Adapt the theories and knowledge of HRM to the practical demands and needs of their own organizations 4. Demonstrate their knowledge of the skills and tools used in the management of people in their organizations 5. Exercise appropriate judgment in all areas of people management in organization|

     | * Lectures, * Reading Material, * Guest Speakers, * Industrial / Corporate Visits, * Skills Development Exercises, * Project Report / Term Paper, * Recommended Text, * Supplementary Texts, * Periodical Watch Exercises, * Seminars, * Documentaries / Movies, * Handouts, * Case Studies, * Any other Teaching-Learning Tool|

Human Resources Management by Gary Dessler , 12th Edition, Published by Pearson/Prentice-Hall|

Human Resource Management: Rhetoric and Realities by Legge, Karen , Anniversary Edition, Published by Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan|      |
A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice by Armstrong, Michael , 10th Edition, Published by London: Kogan Page|      |
Managing Human Resources by Wayne F. Cascio , International Edition,|      |
Organizational Success through Effective Human Resources Management by Ronald R. Sims Published by QUORUM BOOKS, Westport, London|

     | http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ijbm/|      | http://www.bizresearchpapers.com/|
     | http://www.cmr-journal.org/issue/archive|
     | http://www.academicjournals.org/ajbm/|

 Exam Type| Percentage(%)| Consideration|
Quiz| 10| Take Average of All|
Assignments| 10| Take Average of All|
Project-Presentation| 15| Take Average of All|
Mid Term| 25| Take Average of All|
Final Term| 30| Take Average of All|
Class Participation| 10| Take Average of All|

Week |  Contents|  Tasks/Activities|
1| INTRODUCTION – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Importance of HR management Line and staff aspects of HRM Changing environment of HRM HR and globalization trends HR and technology| | 2| RECRUITMENT AND PLACEMENT Job Analysis: The nature of job analysis Methods of collecting job analysis information Writing job descriptions and Job Specification| Assignment # 1| 3| Personnel Planning and Recruiting: Planning and forecasting Recruiting a more diverse workforceInternal and external sources of candidates | | 4| Employee Testing and Selection: Basic testing concepts Types of tests Interviewing Candidates: Types of interviews Designing and conducting the effective interview| Quiz # 1| 5| TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Training and Developing Employees: Orienting Employees The strategic context of training The training process The five-step training and Development process Training methods: On-the-job training Off-the-job training Evaluating the training effort| | 6| PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND APPRAISAL Basic Concepts in Performance Appraisal and Performance Management: Comparing Performance Appraisal and Performance Management Why Performance Management? An introduction to Appraising Performance: Why appraise performance? Steps in appraising performance Appraising Performance: Problems and Solutions: How to...
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