Operation Torch

Topics: World War II, Vichy France, Allies of World War II Pages: 4 (1111 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Reasons for Initiating Operation Torch -
- The Allies planned to occupy Vichy France to prevent the land from being occupied by
Axis; the invasion would eventually force Axis powers to fight a two-front war; also
helped to diminish transportation of supplies to Axis forces; Key Personalities (Involvements) -

- General Dwight D. Eisenhower -

- Jean Francois Darlan -

- Andrew Cunningham -

Objective(s) of Operation Torch -
- Allies planned to team up with Vichy France in North Africa in order to take Tunisia before Germans could occupy it from nearby Sicily. After invading North Africa and convincing the French to join the Allies, American and British forces planned to head

directly to Sicily, invade, and move up to the core of Europe. Victory here would also
allow the Allies to clear up the Mediterranean of Axis forces for their own personal use.

Important Readings - from Earl Rice’s “Strategic Battles in Europe” . . .
- page 24: The Americans joined their British allies. Roosevelt's military advisers wanted to build up immediately for an invasion of the European mainland later in the year or early in 1943. Churchill and his counselors declared that an invasion of the continent so soon would be next to impossible because of insufficient time to assemble the necessary forces and too few available landing craft in which to haul them across the English Channel. Churchill and his advisors did not want to risk a failed invasion. - page 25: Churchill instead favored extending operations in North Africa, where British forces were already fighting. he argued that seizing North Africa and beyond would introduce American troops to the action, boost American morale and appease Stalin's demands for a second front. But Roosevelt's advisors were unreceptive to Churchill's plan and suggested redirecting U.S efforts to the Pacific Theater. In June 1942, Churchill told Roosevelt that Britain was both unable and unwilling to...
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