Nuclear Doctrine:

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Nuclear doctrine:
Doctrine is Latin word Doctrnia--- thought or advocate
Doctrine is a set of principles formulated and applied for a specific purpose working towards a desired goal or aim A Nuclear doctrine consists of a set of principles, rules and instructions for the employment or non-employment of nuclear weapons and other systems associated with these weapons. Dimensions:

1.It is not permanent and change according to military and political situation of the country 2.Change according to military and political situation of a state 3.Existing policy of government and foreign relation

4.The attitude of the head of state
Doctrine of US:
US was the first country to attain nuclear capabilities and pioneer of nuclear weapons in the world 12 March 1947 Truman presented nuclear doctrine and policy was to communism containment Free people

Change in US policy during Berlin crisis in 1948
US started making atomic weapons in 1939
In 1942 this program was transformed to US army. 16 August 1945 US developed nuclear weapons 6 August atomic bomb named Little boy was dropped in Japan and 25 million civilians affected 27 June 1948 strategic air command was started to cut off the German supplies due to interference of USSR in the supply to West Berlin England NSC in September made nuclear development change and US said we do not want nuclear war in the world. Policy of massive retaliation:

Next development of US nuclear doctrine was the event of USSR nuclear explosions •This development lead to US to increase nuclear capabilities •Long scale strikes on the USSR cities in a case of war

US developed striking first policy in case of war
Nuclear doctrine:
Assured destruction and damage limitation
This doctrine was presented by secretary of defence Ma followed by Candy This doctrine also called as (No City Doctrine)
This means that in the case of nuclear war US will not hit USSR cities if they do not hit US cities Limited nuclear assured and counter recovery targeting1974-1980 Nixon was in power and examined the previous nuclear doctrine The developed CBMs

USSR reduced arms Race
SALT-1 1972=CBM developed 127 meetings to reduce arms race
SALT-2 1979war of threat to be minimized to US from USSR
James Doctrine: (Defence Secretary)
1.NATO will use modern weapons if conventional weapons failed and will provide appropriate response to USSR nuclear attacks. 2.This doctrine was that assured destruction of USSR economic recovery capabilities 3.The ability to destroy urban, industrial targets was indespensible Carter’s Counter veiling Strategy and Regon refinements 1980-1987 Harold Brown

1.This doctrine aroused after analysing the USSR nuclear program 2.The document set a target for the nuclear attack, it include leadership of USSR military and industrial installations 3.The second change of nuclear policy was shaped of development CBMs at that time it was USSR got lead on the developing nuclear weapons 4.The third important change was destruction of USSR in the case of war those industries which are responsible for prolongation of war will be destroyed US post-cold war nuclear doctrine 1997 was related to Reagon Administration 1.Nuclear weapons would be declined rapidly

2.Warhead and stockpiles no number less than 8000 and came to 1972 level 3.Delivery system was to be reduces
1997 Clinton Administration:
In 1997 nuclear policy was declared
1.This period will be deterrent only
2.US do not want aggression against any state with atomic weapons 3.The number of weapons was used to the level of deterrence need Obama Nuclear Doctrine:6 April 2010
1.The role of nuclear weapons in US is a defence strategy
2.It also declares that US will not use its nuclear weapons against non-nuclear sates 3.It also promise that US will continue to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in detaining a nuclear attack 4.The limited condition for the nuclear strike, the President will make and exception for...
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