Notes Week 2

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Example web sites for grammar:
* Questions week 2
* Writing a summary
* Paraphrases & summaries
* Plagiarism
* -------------------------------------------------

Writing a summary
Summary = review, short/paragraph, highlights/elevator speech Thesis = purpose
Main points = supporting the purpose
I) Introduction
a. Title
b. author
II) Main points
c. 1st major example
d. 2nd major example
e. 3rd major example
III) Conclusion
f. Wrapping things up
i. Writer’s conclusion
ii. ------------------------------------------------- Reiterate the writers purpose
How to write a summary: example
Purpose: Worldwide difference in how patents are recognized and regulated Main Point 1: US system is first-to-invent; in other places it is first-to-file Main Point 2: Unclear ownership has economic consequences

getting permission from both parties increases costs
Main Point 3: International economic tension
Disadvantage in US
Conclusion: WIPO
I) Introduction
a. Title: Not Your Everyday Homeless Proposal
b. Author: Gary Beck
c. Purpose: Solution to homelessness is needed; economic downturn, homeless families w/children, government and private sectors working together, previously submitted solutions were inhumane i. Who: homeless families with children

ii. What: solution needed, previous attempts were not well thought out iii. Where: New York specific
iv. When:
v. Why: reintegration of homeless helps
vi. How: multiple solutions suggested
II) Main points
d. Ineffectiveness of government programs under various administrations vii. Koch
1. Decrepit midtown...
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