Notes on Parts of Speech

Topics: Verb, Subject, Transitive verb Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Topic: Name: Date: Chapter One: Parts of Class: Period: speech, Adjectives and Verbs The adjective A word used to modify a noun or pronoun; to “modify” means to describe a word or make its meaning more definite • What kind? “gray skies” • Which one? “those girls;” “either way” • How many? “fewer hours” Demonstrative • This, that, these, and those can be adjectives used both as adjectives and as pronouns • When they modify nouns or pronouns, they are called “demonstrative adjectives,” but when they take the place of nouns or pronouns, they are called “demonstrative pronouns” • Did you draw this picture or that one? (adj) • This is mine and that is his. (pronoun) Nouns or Adjectives? • Many words that can stand alone as nouns can also be used as adjectives modifying nouns or pronouns • Adjectives formed from proper nouns are called “proper adjectives” Articles • The most frequently used adjectives • A, an, the Adjectives in Adjectives usually come before the noun sentences or pronoun it modifies, but sometimes they follow the words or are separated from them Review A 1. This = adjective (which one?); life = common noun 2. Shakespeare = proper noun; famous

The verb

Main verbs and helping verbs

Exercise eight

Exercise nine

Action verbs and

= adjective (which kind?) 3. small = adjective (what kind?); his = pronoun 4. he = pronoun; same = adjective (which one?) 5. inscription = common noun; anyone = indefinite pronoun 6. respect = noun; nobody = indefinite pronoun 7. other = adjective (which one?); English = proper adjective 8. Stratford = proper noun; which = pronoun 9. one = adjective (how many?); himself = pronoun (reflexive) 10. this = pronoun (demonstrative); theater = common noun A word that is used to express action or a state of being • Main or helping verbs • Action or linking verbs • Transitive or intransitive verbs A verb phrase consists of one main verb and one helping verb • A helping verb expresses an action or state of being (be words,...
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