Topics: Musical composition, Music, Musical notation Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: March 19, 2013
General Comprehension Questions – Maestro

Darwin. 1976.
1. Describe Keller's appearance and manner. What is emphasized? Why?Keller is a short european man with grey-white hair and an arched nose. He had soft, pale, clean skin with small pudgy hands that were always manicured although he was missing a finger. He takes more pride in looking after his hands than he does about any other part of his body. He is also a very classical man. Paul finds him very fascinating.2. Of what significance is the description of the environment? What mood does it create?The environment was very dense, wet and green with trees and shrubbery growing at the back of the juggled gully leading down to the mangroves. It was filled with an unnatural greenness that looked kind of of plastic-like. There were bright butterflies everywhere as well. This creates a very calm and tranquil mood that anyone can feel comfortable in. The climate where Paul lives is either dry and hot or raining and humid, almost never in between.3. How vital is music to Paul's family? Why?Paul's parents true careers were in music and they both focused their lives around it. Making music was the most important thing to do in their household. Paul is expected to follow in their footsteps and get a career in music so his life is also focuses around it and in being the best pianist he can be. (Page 15, 16)Paul's parents, bewildered and worried about Keller's teaching techniques, still let Paul go to his weekly classes because he is still a good teacher and he had been taught by very famous pianists that were taught be even more famous pianists. Even though Keller's teaching techniques are odd, they seem to be rather effective. 4. Why is Paul's developing love life included in the story? Paul's love life is included in the story because it helps show how he has evolved/developed throughout the novel. His infatuation with Megan and his later love for Rosie assists in showing how he has matured and grown up to respect...
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