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For example, some users of healthcare informatics (for example, physicians) work in clinical medicine or medical research, where the term medical informatics is commonly used. Other users work in nursing, where nursing informatics is the commonly recognized term. Some users work in dentistry (dental informatics). Clinical informatics is a more general term that has gained acceptance. It applies to a variety of clinician users, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, clinical laboratory scientists, and therapists. Even consumer informatics is beginning to be used as computer information systems begin to connect individuals and their healthcare providers. Consequently, the generic term healthcare informatics is seen as the broader domain, which stresses the interdisciplinary nature of the discipline and underscores the need to involve all healthcare professionals and consumers (patients) in developing, using, and maintaining effective computer information systems. NHIN

The Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN; formerly known as the National Health Information Infrastructure [NHII]) is a government-sponsored initiative designed to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall quality of health and healthcare in the United States by developing a comprehensive, interconnected, knowledge-based network of interoperable information systems among all sectors of the healthcare industry. It is also referred to as the Medical Internet, which allows providers of care to electronically exchange data among all electronic health records so that a complete, electronic health record can be assembled whenever and wherever a patient presents for care. The NHIN was mentioned first by the IOM in its seminal report, “The Computer-based Patient Record: An Essential Technology for Health Care” (Dick and Steen 1991). A decade later, the NHIN was defined further by the NCVHS in its report, “Information for Health: A Strategy for Building the NHII” (NCVHS...
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