Neuman Systems Model

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Neuman Systems Model

Presentation Objectives
After the presentation, you will: 1. Gain knowledge of Newman’s biography and understand her meaning perspective of nursing concepts 2. Identify Neuman’s Systems Model’s structure 3. Explain the lines of defense and resistance surrounding the basic core structure of human being 4. Identify the three nursing preventions as interventions used within the Systems Model 5. Identify and analyze paradigm represents

Dr. Betty Neuman Biography

∗Inviting Dr. Neuman to Our Class

Dr. Betty Neuman Biography
• Born in 1924 and grown up on a farm near Lowell, Ohio. • Gained important values of simplicity, humility, and self-reliance (Neuman, 2011)

Dr. Betty Neuman Biography Con’t
Motivation to Be a Nurse
∗ From her father who died at age 37, but he always praised his nurses who took good care of him in the hospital. ∗ From her mother who was a self-taught rural midwife and often shared stories and charity experiences with her. (Neuman, 2011)

Dr. Betty Neuman Biography Con’t

Meaning Perspectives
•Person •Environment •Health •Nursing

Dr. Betty Neuman Biography Con’t
• Earned a diploma in 1947 from Peoples Hospital School of Nursing, Akron, Ohio • Earned a bachelor’s in nursing, public health and psychology from UCLA in 1957 • Earned a master’s in mental health and public health consultation from UCLA in 1966. • Earned a PHD in clinical psychology from Pacific Western University, San Francisco, California, in 1985 (Neuman, 2011)

University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Betty Neuman Biography Con’t

Nursing Experiences
• Practiced as staff, private duty, head, school, and industrial nurse and served as professor at UCLA. • Lives in Ohio and maintains an active private practice as a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist. (Neuman, 2011)

Dr. Betty Neuman Biography Con’t Career Beside Nursing
∗ A licensed real estate agent ∗ A private brokerage to oilgas-drilling company ∗ A rental property manager (Neuman, 2011)

Dr. Betty Neuman Biography Con’t
Multiple Roles
∗ Daughter –quit her job to take care her mother ∗ Wife– supported her husband’s Obstetrics clinic ∗ Mother– one daughter Nancy ∗ (Neuman, 2011)

Development of Neuman Systems Model
Developing the Model
In 1971, the Neuman Systems Model was developed strictly as a teaching aid when she was a teacher in UCLA for mental health consultation. (Neuman, 2011)

Development of Neuman Systems Model Cont’

Influences of Philosophy and Theories
∗ Pierre Tielhard deChardin ∗ Gestalt Theory ∗ General Adaptation Syndrome ∗ General Systems Theory (Neuman, 2011)

Development of Neuman Systems Model Cont’
Model Evolution
1972 A Model for Teaching Total Person Approach to Patient Problems 1980 The Betty Neuman Health Care Systems Model: A Total Approach to Patient Problems 1982 Neuman’s first book, The Neuman Health Care System Model ∗ Application to Nursing Education and Practice. Nursing process format & care plans included; Chapters include applications of the NSM to individuals, families and community; (Neuman, 2011)

Development of Neuman Systems Model Cont’
1989 ∗ The Neuman Systems Model, 2nd ed. ∗ Created environment added to expand concept of environment. Spiritual variable added to diagram as fifth variable. 1995 ∗ The Neuman Systems Model, 3rd ed. ∗ Chapters on culture, international use of the Model, applications to administration and construction of conceptual-theoretical-structures for research added. ∗ (Neuman, 2011)

Development of Neuman Systems Model Cont’

2002 ∗The Neuman Systems Model, 4th ed. Co-edited by Drs. Betty Neuman and Jacqueline Fawcett. ∗Guidelines for clinical practice, model-based research, ∗Education and administration, plus appropriate tools highlight this edition. (Neuman, 2011)

Development of Neuman Systems Model Cont’
2010 ∗The Neuman Systems Model, 5th ed. Co-edited by...
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