My Son the Fanatic

Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Conflict analysis of ‘My son the fanatic’:
According to (2011, 12). Literary Analysis of My Son the Fanatic. THE short story My Son the Fanatic develops through the conflict between a father and his son.
We agreed that, it is obvious in the story that the relationship between Parvez and Ali is bad because they do not understand each other. A reason of this is because of Ali’s development to a Muslim, which Parvez does not notice. He only notices that Ali has changed, for example he throws out his possessions like his TV, his video-player, his stereo system and his guitar. But Parvez is not able to bring up the subject that Ali’s behaviour has changed in front of his friends because he used to praise Ali a lot. Thus, Parvez also misunderstand Ali’s behaviour as being addicted to drugs. Since then, Parvez wanted to restore the relationship between Ali like how they used to be as close as brothers. When they are together at a restaurant, Ali does not accept Parvez’s way of life like drinking alcohol and eating pork. Therefore Ali even hates his father for this. Of course Parvez suffers from his son’s point of view towards him; he doesn’t know what he can do to restore their relationship, he even feel like he has lost his son. In the end of the story even stated, Parvez loses his temper and hits his son because of that. In conclusion, I think it is not only the religious aspect which makes Parvez and Ali understand each other so badly, what caused this is the generation gap because them, they have different attitudes towards life. For example, Parvez says: “Was it asking too much for Ali to get a good job, marry the right girl, and start a family” or “While I am here on earth I want to make the best of it. And I want you to as well”. This is because of lack of communication between them and causes them to misunderstand that what they really want for their life. In this whole story, is obvious that Parvez has already decided and planned Ali’s...
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