My Digital Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Applied ethics Pages: 9 (3682 words) Published: April 17, 2012
My Digital Ethics
Derek Ricard
Seattle Pacific University

Hacking without the consent of the user cannot be ethically justified. The hacker’s code of ethics is an attempt to justify hacking and make it ethical. Part of their ethic is all information should be free and available to everyone and that break-ins help reveal security threats. Even these two ethics cannot be considered because of how weak and wrong they are. Downloading P2P files has always been a huge digital ethic that never stops being debated. The problem is sharing copyrighted files over the Internet without the right to do so; it is done so much that law enforcement had to stop pursuing individuals and pursue the organizations that provide the torrents. Even though downloading P2P files is ethically wrong I believe that it helps spread music across the globe and help people discover new artists and even increase the artist’s earnings by going to concerts and buying merchandise and so on. Businesses need ethics in order stay in business. Stakeholders and shareholders are the two popular business ethics used. Microsoft has an intensive and well thought out code of ethics, although they do hold the shareholders view of business ethics.

With all the new technology and how young the Internet is there is a need for cyber ethics to be defined and enforced to some degree. Ethics relate to the discipline dealing with what is ethically right or wrong and with moral duty and obligation. People argue that ethics are ethics no matter how they are applied, but given the nature of computers themselves produce unique dilemmas making the ethics involved different in kind and separate ethics from computer ethics. It is important to point out that ethics are about raising questions rather than actually giving answers. By raising questions about certain usage of cyber technology it will bring that question to the forefront and may eventually get answered and resolve the potential ethics. Considering that the Internet is still a relatively new invention and nothing else like it has been invented. The Internet has no idea what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable, or how it should regulate how it is used. The Internet and all of cyberspace has been used for beneficial purposes and has also been used with evil intentions. There is wide usage of Internet abuse ranging from trivial things such as trolling all the way to the extreme of cyber warfare. I Will Not Hack Into Computers

I think it is unethical to hack into computers without the consent of the user. Hackers have a hacker code of ethics that try to justify what they do. There is no reasonable way to defend the idea that information should be free. If it were so would the hackers who wanted this free information be supportive of all of their information being free too? Because their information would not be “their” information, it would be everyone’s information. According to “Computer, Ethics, and Society” the hacker’s ethics say that all information should be free. This means that all information is owned by everyone with no boundaries to prevent any and every one from accessing this information. Richard Stallman says that if information is indeed free, it follows that there should be no need for intellectual property, and no purpose for security. With this idea in mind no one person can own information and everyone can access it. Anyone can change any piece of information at their leisure. Areas such as bank balances, medical records, credit histories, employment records, and defense information would all cease to be privately controlled. If information is not controlled then that sensitive information loses its prestige and we cannot trust the accuracy of it. In a perfect world free flow and access to information would be a wonderful thing, but that is not so. Our society is based on accurate information which includes banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus, medical...
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