Mis 302 Flowchart

Topics: Credit score, Credit rating, Credit history Pages: 2 (262 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Due Date: February 13th, 7:00 p.m.

Assignment is to be completed individually. Any violation of the Honor Code will be immediately reported to the Office of Academic Integrity.

You are required to design the logic for the following draw the Flow chart using compound condition where ever possible and write the Java program calculating the suitable loan rates for the Local Credit Union.

Deliverables. You must submit the following on BlackBoard: 1. Flowchart made using either MS word or PowerPoint. The flowchart must contain the following: a. Detailed flow chart with all condition evaluated indecently to show your level of understanding. b. Use compound condition to optimize the flowchart to show your understanding the concept and problem. c. Complete Java Program to accept the required input and accordingly produce the output as expected.

2. After completing your program, submit the Java Code (copy code into notepad before uploading it). The file must be titled HW2-FlowChar/Program. Don’t forget to add your name

Problem 1:

Problem 2:
Accept the user input as the credit score and based on the input value print the meaning of credit score and the percentage of population with that credit score. Make sure to design valid exit criteria of your own and document that. Credit Score| Meaning| % Population|

>800| Excellent| 13%|
750 – 799 | Very Very Good| 27%|
700 – 749 | Very Good| 18%|
680 – 699 | Good Credit Score| 15%|
620 – 679| Fair Credit Score| 12%|
580 – 619 | Poor Credit Score| 8%|
500 – 579| Bad Credit Score| 5%|
< 499| Very Bad Credit Score| 2%|
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