Midterm Study Aid for Jazz (Concise Guide))

Topics: Jazz, Louis Armstrong, Big band Pages: 3 (615 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Midterm Study Aid
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* Two things necessary in any definition of jazz: a.)Improvisation – to compose and perform music at the same time. (Making up as you go along). b.)Swing Feeling-(rolling) steady beat, walking baseline, constant tempo. Syncopation. Calls for a lilting feeling. (groove). * Four items that helps music swing: a.) steady beat, b.) walking baseline, c.) constant tempo, d.) syncopation (Up and down feeling). Syncopating- accenting just before or after a beat. * Blues Form (1910) developed into a 12 bar format : quest-4, quest-,answer-4. The word blues refers to a kind of music put together like a military march and had rhythms borrowed from African American banjo music. * AABA form-a sequence used to structure many popular songs beginning with a first part “A” repeated once followed by a melody (B) bridge and concluding to return to the “A” part. When jazz musicians play AABA tune, they play the melody once before and after the solo improvisation. * Who invented Blues? African American slaves and descendants. (Field hollers and ballads) * AABA song originated in 1920s-1950s in New Orleans

* Birth Place of Jazz: New Orleans Two musicians from there? Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Mort. * First Jazz pianist and composer-arranger was Jelly Roll Morton. * Father of Jazz? First great soloist? Louis Armstrong * First “cool” jazz musician was Bix Beiderbecke. He played the trumpet. * Dixieland front line? Trumpet, clarinet, trombone. Combo= * Collective improvisation? What is it? First line improvised simultaneous improvisation by all members of a group. * What is a riff? Phrase, melodic fragment, theme-short repeated phrases used as a melody, theme background. * Big Band is 10 or more players. (brass, saxophone, rhythm section) Standard Big Band is 10 or more. * Ragtime contains? Like a military march, had rhythm from African American banjo music....
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