Microbiology Chapter 1 Study Guide

Topics: Bacteria, Microbiology, Eukaryote Pages: 4 (709 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Chapter 1 Notes
* Robert Hooke
* Discovered Cellulae (Cells)
* Formed Basis of Cell Theory
* 1. Cell basic unit of life
* 2. All living organisms are made of cells
* 3. Must have living cells to make more cells
* Anton Von Leeuwenhoek
* Father microbiology & microscopy
* Discovered microorganisms (animalcules)
* Disproved microorganisms were heaven sent
* Put clean bowl out during rainstorm & no microorganism * Let sit
* Days later microorganisms formed from air
* Ferdinand Cohn
* Discovered endospores (enable some bacteria to survive adverse environmental conditions) * Why growth occurred in experiments that disproved/proved SG * Louis Pasteur
* Definitive experiment that disproved SG
* Fermentation
* Pasteurization: heat liquid to temp. that kills the most heat resistant pathogen but NOT all (milk)

* Vaccination against Rabies (Rhabdovirus), anthrax (bacillusanthracis), Chicken Cholera (bacterium) * Silkworm industry
* Disease (protozoan) was killing silk moths
* Developed a method to detect diseased moths and separate * Lady Mary Montagu
* Wife British Ambassador to Turkey
* Developed Smallpox
* Observed Turkish women engrafting
* Spread mild small pox to other by injecting into their veins * Patient would then be immune to smallpox
* Reject because she was woman & not doctor/scientist

* Carl Linnaeus
* Developed science of taxonomy
* Scientific Nomenclature
* Binomial nomenclature
* Process of giving all organisms 2 scientific names * Genus species
* Edward Jenner
* Discovered process of vaccination
* Worked with cowpox & milkmaids
* Milk cowpox scrap pustal scratch skin w/ needle develop mild cowpox immune to...
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