Mgmt 303

Topics: Management, Organization, Car dealership Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: May 20, 2013
List the five dimensions of the general environment and give an example of a force within each dimension that would affect a local car dealership. There are five dimensions of a general environment that have the potential to influence an organization in important ways. In the case of a local dealership, it is as follows: Economic Dimension- This affects the economic growth, inflation, interest rates, and unemployment of the dealership. Technological Dimension- Since this refers to technology and methods available for converting resources into products or services, for a dealership, this would equate to productivity. In other words, would the dealership be able to produce more cars by pre-programmed robots alongside humans or by humans alone? Sociocultural Dimension- This refers to customs, values, and demographic characteristics of the society. With that said, assuming "local" is in America, local car dealerships are going to be more inclined to values as opposed to customs like in the Middle East. Over there men would only do business with men. Female saleswomen (if there is any), would only do business with female customers etc. Political-Legal Dimension- This refers to the relationship between business and government. A local dealership would have to abide by rules and regulations passed from the government in order to be operating legally. Business licenses and employee rights are to name a few. International Dimension- This component refers to organizations being involved or affected by businesses in other countries. If our local car dealership just so happens to be a Hyundai dealership, and Hyundai Corporation based in Korea developed new technology, the local dealership would be affected in a positive manner as well. Briefly describe the three major areas of special concern with respect to managerial ethics. Provide an example of each area of special concern (do not use the examples in the text). One of the three major areas of special concern in regards...
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