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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Avoid added sugars where you can.
Ideal in between snacks or snacks if still hungry are carrots, cucumbers or celery sticks. No Carbs after 7 if you can’t stick to the guideline of the meal plan. It is ideal to eat meal 1 during first 30 mins to hour of being awake even if you are not hungry. I highly recommend getting at the minimum a daily multivitamin. Also recommend Omega 3,6,9 and a protein.

Meal 1
½ cup Oatmeal (granola Optional) and protein Shake (sub protein shake with 3 hardboiled eggs, 2 whites only preferably)

Snack 1
Large fruit (orange, ½ cantaloupes, ½ melon or mango) can flavor with Lime and chile to help boost metabolism 6 almonds (sub protein shake)

Meal 2
Brown rice (optional)
6-8oz piece of meat ( Fish, chicken or lean beef)

Snack 2
Yogurt cup (Greek Preferable or probiotic)

Granola bar (I.e. Nature valley honey and oats) or regular Granola Or carrot sticks

Meal 3
6-8 oz piece of meat ( Fish,chicken or lean beef)

This is my current meal plan for comparison. My timing is all based on when I can get it in.

5:50am protein shake

7 am Meal 1
Oatmeal with granola

10 am Snack 1
Protein Shake

12 pm Meal 2
Salad or boiled veggies
6oz meat or 3 hardboiled eggs

3 pm Meal 3
Boiled veggies
8oz meat
Brown Rice (optional)

~7pm Post workout
Protein Shake

~7:30pm Meal 4
6oz chicken on salad
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