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  • Published : August 1, 2012
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In “Matched”, Condie developes the emotional side of Cassia by revealing her inner-most thoughts about every new scene happening daily in her life that affects her. The first example would be the gloomy way Cassia acts and seems as she knows her granfather’s death is approaching. It completely changes the perspective that Cassia had on society and their rules. “My tears threaten to spill over onto his cheek as I bend down to kiss him.” This quote helps show the true feelings of Cassia towards her grandfather when she knows he is leaving forever soon. The second reason that supports the main idea is the confusion Cassia feels when the port screen revealed two different faces. “My heart stops and I can’t believe what I see.” This quote proves the disbelief and pure confusion that Cassia felt with that unexpected revelation. Lastly, Cassia experienced joy and overwhelment which helped give variation of supporting detail to thesis. “I think he might have meant to say something more, but when out lips tough, there is no need, for once, for any words at all.” This romantic scene shows a different point of view of Cassia and her true emotions for Ky that couldn’t be resisted. This helped link to thesis by saying the truth of what Cassia felt and thought towards everything. In conclusion, all these examples provided showed how the author made the character experience different kinds of events in order to have more variation in feeling. Allow the character to show their real personality. And lastly, be able to have a better understanding and idea of the character.
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