Marketing Term Exam

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Branding Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Read carefully the definitions and write the correct number in the term. Terms
1.What is retailing? _______
2.What is a wholesaler? _________
3.What are single/limited line stores?_______
4.What is a specialty shop?_________
5.What are supermarkets?_________
6.Grocery stores with self service and a wide assortment _________ 7.What are supercenters?________
8.What makes a strong brand?__________
9.What are product/brand managers?__________
10.What are warehouse retailers?__________
11.What is a corporate chain?__________
12.What is behavioral loyalty? ___________
13.What is a franchise operation? ___________
14.What are department stores?____________
15.What are line extensions? _____________
16.What are brokers?___________
17.What is brand equity?__________
18.What is brand valuation?_________
19.What are some desirable qualities in a brand name?__________ 20.Mass-merchandising concept___________
21.What are the four brand sponsorship options?_________
22.What is a brand extension?_________
23.What is multibranding?___________
24.What is a brand?__________
25.What are 3 types of brands? (5 things)_______
26.Describe some brand management challenges.(4 things)_________ 27.What are 4 steps to creating a strong brand?_________
28.What are depth and breadth of brand awareness?___________ 29.Breadth- range of purchase and usage situations where brand comes to mind_______ 30.The main methods of promotion are:_________
1.In charge of SPECIFIC products (promotion)
2.All activities involved in the sale of products to final customers 3.Several departments are line mini-limited line stores
4.Sell certain lines of products rather than a product assortment 5.Retailers should offer low prices to get faster turnover and greater sales volumes by appealing to larger markets 6.Carry ALL routinely purchased products plus food

7.Sell at a discounted or bulk rate for an annual membership fee...
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