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Topics: Marketing, Product differentiation, Market segmentation Pages: 6 (1049 words) Published: September 13, 2012
1) Procter & Gamble sells six brands of laundry detergent in the United States, each designed for one of six laundry segments Procter & Gamble has identified. Together, these six brands take four times the market share of Procter & Gamble's nearest competitor. Which of the following is a disadvantage of Procter & Gamble's differentiated marketing strategy? a- lost sales that would have been made with an undifferentiated marketing strategy across all segments b- lost customer loyalty due to lack of brand loyalty

c- increased costs for separate marketing plans for each brand d- other suppliers controlling pricing
e- lack of resources to succeed in an attractive segment

2) It is most accurate to say that successful niche marketing relies on a firm's ________ and its ________. a-marketing strategy; services
b- individual relationships with customers; positioning c- superior products; value network partners
d- greater knowledge of customers' needs; special reputation e- competitive advantage in comparison to mass-market companies; affordable pricing

3) Today, the low cost of setting up shop ________ makes it even more profitable to serve very small niches. a-in malls in major cities
b- in mail-order catalogs
c- on the Internet
d- near major competitors
e- far from competitors

4) As You Like It, Inc., customizes its offers to each individual consumer. This practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the tastes of specific individuals and locations is referred to as ________ marketing. a-niche

b- micro
c- variable
d- mass
e- undifferentiated
5) Which of the following is the narrowest strategy? (
a- segmented strategy
b- local marketing
c- differentiated marketing
d- mass marketing
e- undifferentiated marketing

6) Under what circumstances would local marketing likely be the most effective? (1point) a- when pronounced differences in psychographics are present b- when pronounced differences in lifestyles are present c- when pronounced regional and local differences in demographics and lifestyles are present d- when regional demographics and lifestyles are similar e- when pronounced similarities in psychographics are present

7) When a company interacts one-on-one with large numbers of customers to create customer-unique value by designing products and services tailor-made to individual needs, it is following ________. a-concentrated marketing
b- mass marketing
c- mass customization
d- undifferentiated marketing

8) The move toward individual marketing mirrors the trend in consumer ________. a-self-imaging
b- self-marketing
c- customizing
d- spending
e- self-conceptualization

9) When choosing a target marketing strategy, many factors need to be considered. Which of the following does your text NOT mention as important? a- company resources
b- degree of product variability
c- product life-cycle stage
d- product cost
e- competitors' marketing strategies

10) Target marketing sometimes generates controversy and concern. Issues usually involve the targeting of ________ consumers with ________ products. a-elderly; expensive
b- young; appealing
c- vulnerable; marketing
d- vulnerable or disadvantaged; controversial or potentially harmful e- mass market; deceptive

11) Most attempts to target children and minority groups provide ________ to target customers. a-benefits
b- education
c- disadvantages
d- harm
e- expenses

12) A product's position is based on important attributes as perceived by ________. a- suppliers
b- competitors
c- market...
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