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1. What microenvironmental factors have affected Target’s performance over the past few years? I. Microenvironmental factors that have affected Target’s performance over the past few years would be marketing intermediaries, customer markets, and competitors. 2. What macroenvironmental factors have affected Target’s performance during the period? II. Macroenvironmental factors that have affected Target’s performance during the period would be economic and possibly demographic factors. 3. By focusing on the “Pay Less” part of its slogan, has Target pursued the best strategy? Why or why not? III. Honestly, I think Target would have been better off by focusing on their whole slogan instead of just a portion of it. Why they think customers expects them to only live up to half of their slogan baffles me. If Target is going to portray “Expect More, Pay Less”, then I would expect more for my money at a lower price, not just seeing lower prices everywhere. Sometimes just lowering the price can make it seem like Target is groveling to compete with Wal-Mart. 4. What alternative strategy might Target have followed in responding to the first signs of declining revenues and profits? IV. Target should have promoted itself more and created better quality items at lower prices. They should have fulfilled their slogan and focused on their customers instead of being so worried about their competitors. In the end they are still overpriced on a lot of their items. Customer service should have been amped up. Forget remarketing themselves. Quality items at expected prices and customer service are things they should have focused on. Making sure there are no crazy lines, stores are clean and maintained, and making sure their slogan meets expectations should have been what Target focused on. 5. Given Target’s current situation, what recommendations would you make to Steinhafel for his company’s future? V. I would tell Steinafel that he needs to...
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