March of the Penguins

Topics: Emotion, Voice-over, Diegesis Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: May 22, 2013

* Different documentaries create different emotions
* Used various techniques (voice over, camera shots and angles, non-diegetic sound and diegetic sound) * Emotion is as main part of the documentary.
First paragraph:
* Uses human relations (family, child). Giving the sense of involvement and connection to the audience. * Tells the story of the life of a penguin and gives detail. * Diegetic sound is a technique used (sound that’s not heard by the characters in the film) (voice overs and music) used to create emotions * Examples are: predator scene, anxious music and anxious predators, intense music to create intense and anxious emotions Second paragraph:

* Non-diegetic sound is a technique used (sound that’s actually heard by the penguins in the film) (wind blowing, ocean waves in some scenes, squawking of the penguins) also used to create emotions. Gives the feeling of empathy of being with the penguins during the scene * Examples are: zoom up on egg cracking (emphasis the penguins sadness), during the storms harshness with the strong wind blowing. Third paragraph:

* Camera shots and angles, create certain emotions. Either giving power to the penguins or power to the audience in certain scenes. * Examples: long shots, medium shots, two shots, long shots, zoom, panning, * Scenes: shots of the penguins huddled in the group, shots of the ice shelfs and Conclusion:

* There are certain techniques used in the march of the penguins and they all create different emotions for the audience. * The benefits of using emotions (audience can relate, makes it easy to understand) * What effects did the emotions have (sad, happy, cheerful, angry). * Makes it more interesting
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