Management Information System

Topics: Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT Pages: 5 (1312 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Bulacan State University
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College of Business Administration

A case study concerning the Business and Marketing strategy of Microsoft

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Carballo, Glaiza R.
Gonzales, Jeah Marie Y.
Mendoza, Ralph Danielle B.
Payongayong, Arlene F.
Vinuya, Joana Jessica C.

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Ms. Ma. Lourdes Cervantes

December 10, 2012
1. Summary of the case

The Microsoft case describes how the company was built and gives an insight in their human resource policies, from the early 1980’s until 2001. Bill Gates created a competitive work environment in which there was an enormous drive to achievement. Microsoft employed a hiring policy and pushed employees and improves their dedication to the company in exchange with the opportunity to receive part of their salary in the company shares, by doing so Microsoft ensures that their employees feel connected to the business. The childhood friends, Bill Gates and Allen grew up together with the desire for computer programming. They are greatly motivated to become more successful and create a name in the world of their expertise and passion. Microsoft Corporation is a multinational company where it has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The company was known on April 4, 1975, where Bill Gates was the CEO at that time. In 1979, its headquarters was moved to Bellevue, Washington. Microsoft became famous in the market with the MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows OS’s, and the Microsoft mouse and press. Then after that Paul Allen resigned because of his Hodgkin’s disease. Microsoft entered in the market with their Microsoft Office, and achieved their greatest award in the gaming industry with the Xbox 360 and also in the e-markets with Zune and the Windows Mobile. There are two things that are essential in the marketing strategy of Microsoft, and that is variety and addition of product which is in demand on that time. Microsoft’s vision is to make the best strategy to become successful in business. They want to have some touch of different countries’ cultures, for the collaboration of ideas, skills and strategies. Their vision is to understand the customs and backgrounds of different countries for them to provide what they need. Microsoft focuses on establishing connections by means of hiring people which have all the skills and abilities to be a certified Microsoft employee, and it doesn’t matter what age they are. Another marketing strategy is to build connection with different schools, colleges, and professional organizations, and to allow children to experience the technology that Microsoft has. They also have a worldwide program which allows high school girls to participate in session, which has discussions and workshops. And in terms of workers, they are not rewarded or paid unless they created something new or did a new job. In addition, Microsoft provides their leaders with training and Global Diversity and Inclusion (GD&I). They are trained very well for them to deliver and practice their members or employees with the best management skills. They also have Employee Resource Groups and Employee Networks (ERGS). With that, it will increase their sales and awareness of the employees. The best strength of Microsoft is that they know the customer’s needs, wants, demands, priorities and they are really working on it and very dedicated to their works. They also work with certified, qualified and trained minorities, disabled persons, who own businesses, women and small businesses who want services from Microsoft. These are the marketing strategies of Microsoft; they want to build good connections, not only on company to employee relationship but also company to customer relationship. The collaboration of these strategies and relations is the best way of Microsoft to be on top and maintain their status.

2. Main problem of the case

How can Microsoft maintain their current status in the global market? Microsoft believed that in order to develop...
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