Maltesers Research

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  • Published : June 21, 2012
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Maltesers Project. Documenting. (Market overview, Consumer Behavior, Segmentation, Target Market) Industry facts:
Category| Takeaway| Implication|
Market overview| Rise in consumption for healthy substitute products such as snacks, cereals, nuts, yoghurt and fruit is squeezing demand for chocolate and confectionery products. Importance of health and nutrition is driving consumption choices. Interesting fact is that fat content and kilojoules of some chocolate bars are lower than some nut and musli bars.| | Consumer Behavior| Sales of chocolate are resilient to crisis as they offer temporary respite from pressing issues, such as loan repayments, etc| Anti-stress – energize scale positioning (Snickers seems to be about energizing, where does Maltesers belong?)| Consumer behavior| Traditionally, most Australian consumers have based purchasing decisions on taste, quality, price and use-by dates. However, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and this drives greater product development| Taste, quality, price are POP’s, | Target Market| Typically, teens are the largest consumers of confectionery products, but this segment is shrinking due to aging population.| Teens is not an obvious target market| Market and size: | The industry is mature and is growing slower than the economy in general. Growth happens by constantly introducing new products. Gourmet chocolates, in particular dark chocolate, have been high growth products in the past five years. There is an evidence that dark chocolate is healthy as it is rich in antioxidants. Hybrid products have also been introduced, such as the mix of ice cream and biscuits. In the last couple of years, manufacturers have released white chocolate versions of Kit Kat, Aero bars and Maltesers. | | Market | Confectionery consumption is seasonal with peak consumption observed on Easter and Christmas (Australians are the largest consumers of Easter Eggs in the world)| Big two events: around Easter...
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