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MPW 1133TNR48


SAM 14





Group Members (TNR14B)

Name Class ID

Saravanan K (L) P2 02*********** Bee Suan Lee P2 09*********** Farah Kadir P2 ************* Kogila a/p Ramasamy P2 *************

Note: The font size should be 14TNR. The group leader’s name should be on the first line and the other members’ name should be listed alphabetically – right after the leader’s name.


This is a group project and should reflect the group’s effort. The project is worth 20% of the total evaluation of the course.


The written work should be in an essay form. It should begin with the INTRODUCTION and followed by the discussion on the topic selected (with appropriate subtopics – wherever appropriate) and end with the CONCLUSION. The conclusion part should summarize the main ideas mentioned in the essay. The font size for the essay is TNR12.

The essay should be at the length of 15 to 25 pages.


• Cover page and list of members’ names
The cover page and the member’s names should be presented using the standard layout given by this guideline.

• Pagination
The page number should appear on the bottom right corner of the page and the introduction should be the first page.

• Alignment and spacing between lines
All the pages have to be justified and double-spaced.

• Table of Content
The Table of Content should have the page of all the main topics and subtopics.

• References
The reference should not be less than 5 sources. It should bear the list of sources where materials for this assignment are gathered. The sources may be from books, journals, Internet websites, newspaper’s articles and interviews.

• Illustration
Photos, charts, graphs and maps may be included if applicable.

• Binding
The project has to be comb bound with plastic covering for the front page.

Table of Contents (TNR20)

Content (TNR16) Page(TNR16)

1. Introduction (TNR16) 1
2. The Legend of Pulau Langkawi 2
3. The Legend of Mahsuri 5
4. The Origin of the Name “Pekan Kuah” 8
5. The Secret of Pulau Dayang Bunting 14
6. Conclusion 19
7. References
8. Appendixes

Note: You may alter this page accordingly to suit your information.


Footnotes are used to identify as precisely as possible the book or work a cited excerpt is taken from.  You must include footnotes in your essay. If you use four words or more, consecutively, from an external source (book, website, etc.), you have to identify them with quotation marks following by the footnote's number. Moreover, you should also use footnotes to identify sources from which you have borrowed key ideas and facts. How to write footnotes

For a book: Author's first name then family name, book title (underlined or in italics), place of publication, publisher, collection and number (when applicable), year of publication, page number. Example:

1 Cathie Draine and Barbara Hall, Culture Shock! Indonesia, Singapore: Times Edition, 1986, p. 22. In the case of an anthology: Author's first name and family name, article or chapter title (between quotation marks " "), editor's first name and family name, book title (underlined or in italics), place of publication, publisher (or group responsible for...
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