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Topics: Modulation, Jammu and Kashmir, Digital Subscriber Line Pages: 4 (559 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
Jammu & Kashmir

School of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Major Project
Report on

‘Implementation of OFDM Communication System’

Under the Guidance of



This report is submitted by………………………………….Entry No:…………………………….in partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering degree requirements of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University.

Student’s Signature

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This report discusses the design and implementation of an OFDM modem for a simplex communication between two PCs over a frequency selective channel. First a brief introduction is provided by explaining the background and the specification of the project. Then the report deals with the system model. Each block of the OFDM system is described (IFFT/FFT, cyclic prefix, modulation/demodulation, channel estimation, bit loading). In the following section, the system architecture is analysed. The transmission protocol, as well as the system parameters is explained in details. Then, the DSP implementation is discussed. Finally, the results are provided in the last chapter.


We would like to thank our project assistant,……….., for his help during the study of this project.


Abstract 1
Aknowledgment 2

1 Introduction 7
1.1 Background 7
1.2 Specification 7
1.3 Equipment/Software Requirement7
1.4 Project overview 8

2 System Model 9
2.1 Overview 9
2.1.1 Transmitter 9
2.1.2 Channel 10
2.1.3 Receiver 10
2.2 OFDM System 11
2.2.1 Evolution 11
2.2.2 Introduction to OFDM 12
2.2.3 FFT and IFFT 12
2.2.4 Cyclic Prefix 13
2.2.5 Modulation and demodulation14
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