Lu Theo 104 Week 5 Study Guide

Topics: New Testament, Christianity, Intelligent design Pages: 5 (1695 words) Published: July 31, 2012
Study Guide: Module 5

I. Christianity is a Unique Worldview| Instructions to Student:Write your answers in this column. The cell will expand as you type.| A. Core Christianity(textbook): Chapter 8| |
1. | What point does the author illustrate with an elephant and 4 blind men? | Today, people have many different, often conflicting, ways to describe life and the world.| 2. | Do Moslem leaders claim that Christianity and Islam are alike in that Allah was “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?” | NO| 3. | What are the 4 questions that Darwinians have not been able to answer?| Where is the missing link?How can man evolve to be the apex (highest) of living beings if all the facts suggest the process of evolution goes the opposite way, that is, it devolves?Where did life originate?What about intelligent design?| 4. | What question did the old Presbyterian catechism address first?| What is the chief end of man?| 5. | What do Christians believe the source of suffering to be?| Comes from conditions in this world, not from God.| 6. | What two reasons does the author suggest that we can know that Christianity actually explains life as we know it? | 1) Christainity is a consistent belief system. 2) Christianity is a belief system that provides a satisfying life system for all who follow JC, whether they are men or women, roch or poor, old or young, and it perfectly works in all cultures of the world. | B. Theology for Today (online excepts) | |

God’s Revelation (from “Bibliology”)| |
1. | What is Revelation? | Revelation is the act whereby God gives us knowledge about Himself which we could not otherwise know.| 2. | What is inspiration? | Inspiration is the supernatural guidance of the writers of Scripture by the Spirit of God whereby they wrote the divine Word of God, transcribed accurately and reliably.| 3. | What is inerrancy? | Inerrancy recognizes that what God revealed and inspired is accurate, reliable, authoritative and without error.| 4. | What is the Canon? | The Canon is the standard by which the sixty-six books in the Bible and their content were determined and the basis upon which they were included in Scripture.| 5. | What is hermeneutics? | Hermeneutics is the science of biblical interpretation.| 6. | What is illumination? | Illumination is the work of the Holy Spirit in helping the believer understand and apply the spiritual meaning of the Scriptures.| 7. | What does Hebrews 1:1-2 teach about divine revelation?| Revelation was progressive not in the sense that prior facts (i.e., Old Testament) were false, but rather that they were incomplete.| 8. | What are the two areas of revelation?| First, (general revelation) the self-revelation of God is evident in nature, or, as someone has observed, “the Creator is evident in His Creation.” Second, God has revealed Himself through the Word of God and its central message, who is Jesus Christ. This second area is called special revelation.| 9. | What is natural revelation? | Natural revelation is given to communicate the person of God and the power of God. This is sometimes called general revelation.| 10. | What is special revelation? | Special revelation is the self-revelation of God through the Scriptures and finalized in Jesus Christ and relates to God’s plan of salvation for man.| 11. | What is reason? | Reason is the intellectual and moral faculties of man as exercised in the pursuit of truth apart from supernatural aid. | 12. | What does the Cosmological argument state? | The cosmological argument is based upon the fact of causation, or that God is the First Cause.| 13. | What 3 things is the Cosmological argument dependant upon? | “The cosmological argument depends upon the validity of three contributing truths: (a) that every effect must have a cause; (b) that the effect is dependent upon...
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