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Topics: Beck Depression Inventory, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Personality tests Pages: 15 (2101 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Beck Anxiety Inventory

(BAI) A part of the Beck Scales to
assist the clinician in making balanced
and reliable assessments of patients.
Test results are useful as a first step
in detecting and proper treatment of an
affective disorder. The Beck Anxiety
Inventory gauges the severity of
patient anxiety.

Beck Depression Inventory

Assesses depression and, in conjunction
with the Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS),
to gauge the likelihood of suicide. The
Beck instrument is commonly used for
clinical assessment and research. This
instrument is used to figure out how
severe a patient's depression is.

Beck Hopelessness Scale

(BHS) was developed in conjunction with
the Beck Depression Scale to gauge the
likelihood of suicide in adult and
adolescent patients of 17 years if age
or older. It was developed by Aaron
Beck, a well known specialist and
researcher on depression, drawing from
the writings of Ezra Stotland for its
conceptual basis.

Bender Visual Motor Bender Visual
Gestalt Test

Used to investigate the measurement of
the perpetual-motor and cognitive
development in minors over the age of
4. It consists of different designs the
subject then copies onto a blank piece
of paper.

Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test

Is intended to evaluate the visual
motor functioning of people ages
3-adult. It is basically a
drawing/copying test with nine
geometric shapes developed to assess
the perceptual tendencies in the
ability to organize visual stimuli into
conceptual wholes (gestalts).

Brief Psychotic Rating Scale (BPRS)

Used to calculate psychotic and
non-psychotic symptoms in people with
major psychiatric disorders. It
contains various versions in order to
increase reliability and validity and
is used frequently with schizophrenics.

Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Basic

The Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of
Basic Skills- Revised is designed by
Brigance, Albert H, Glascoe and Frances
Page for diagnostic and classroom
assessment in reading skills, reading
comprehension, math calculation , math
reasoning, written language, listening
comprehension and information

Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Basic
Skills; Brigance Inventory of
Essential Skills'

The Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of
Basic Skills was developed by Albert
Brigance as a means of evaluating
"basic readiness and academic skills."
The Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of
Essential Skills was developed by
Albert Brigance so as to assess skills
needed for successful functioning as an

Brigance Diagnostic Life Skills

The Brigance Life Skills Inventory was
developed by Albert Brigance as a means
of assessing "listening, speaking,
reading, writing, comprehending and
computing skills within the context of
everyday situations."

California Psychological Inventory

This instrument is used to investigate
behavior that is interpersonal and
social interaction between individuals
that are 13 years and over. It provides
information such as the patient's
character and interpersonal values and
how one behaves in social situations.

Carroll Depression Scale (CDS-R, CRS)

Assess the degree of depression in
adults. In its current revised form,
this 52 items that made up the initial
test have been revised, with items
rated "yes" or "no". This test
diagnoses major depression, depression
with melancholic features, depression
with atypical features, and Dysthymic

Carrow Elicited Language Inventory

Assessment of speech and language
development focusing on morphology and
syntactical structure. Morphology is
defined as how phonemes are put
together to make meaning ( The word
"happiness has three morphemes: Hap
-pi- ness. ) Syntax is defined as the
way words are put together to make
acceptable sentences.

Child Behavior Checklist

This tool is used for minors 4 through
18. The CBCL investigates behavior
problems among...
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