Lord of the Flies Q/a

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Assignment: Q/A
William Goldling
Prepared by: Sarim Raja

Chapter 1: The Sound of the Shell
Q1: Who are the first two characters to appear in the story? A: Ralph and Piggy are the first two characters that appear in the story. Q2: What do Ralph and Piggy find in the lagoon?
A: They find a conch shell in the lagoon.
Q3: How does Ralph summon the others?
A: Ralph blows the conch to summon the others.
Q4: Who is elected chief?
A: Ralph is the elected chief.
Q5: For what purpose does Jack want his choir used?
A: Jack wants his choir to be used as hunters and defenders. Q6: What assignment does Ralph give Piggy instead of allowing him to join the exploration expedition? A: Ralph asks Piggy to take names of all the boys instead of going with him. Q7: Who does Ralph select to accompany him on expedition?

A: Ralph selects Jack and Simon to accompany him on expedition. Q8: What weapon does Jack posses?
A: Jack has a knife.

Chapter 2: Fire on the Mountains
Q1: Where does Ralph get the idea for using conch to speak?
A: Piggy gives him idea of using conch as speaker as it has power to call the audience. Q2: Why is Jack so enthusiastic about the possibility of creating the rules? A: Jack is enthusiastic about making of the rules as they will be having their own rules and secondly it will help them to have a civilized life. Q3: Which boy pessimistically introduces the reality that they may never be rescued? A: Piggy pessimistically introduces the reality that they may never be rescued. Q4: Who first mentions “the beastie”?

A: The little boy with a mulberry mark on his face first mention the beast. Q5: Who is the last to join the boys on mountain to make fire? A: Piggy is the last one to join the boys on mountain to make fire. Q6: How do the boys start the fire?

A: Boys use Piggy’s glasses to focus the light of sun to lighten the fire. Q7: How does the fire become uncontrollable?
A: The boys put a large pile of wood on fire that got scattered and secondly the surroundings’ woods are dry. Q8: Who defends Piggy from Jack for not helping with the fire? A: Simon defends Piggy from Jack as he says Piggy has helped indirectly with his glasses.

Chapter 3: Huts on the Beach
Q1: What sort of weapon is Jack using to hunt pigs?
A: Jack is using a five feet sharpened stick as spear to hunt pigs. Q2: How does the Jack know there is a pig in the creepers ahead of him? A: He observes the traces on the grounds and finds warm droppings as well. Q3: How are the boys collecting drinking water?

A: Boys are collecting drinking water in empty coconut shells. Q4: Who helps Ralph with the hut building?
A: Simon helps Ralph with the hut building.
Q5: How many huts have the boys managed to build?
A: The boys have managed to build two huts.
Q6: What does Jack claim to feel behind him when he hunts?
A: Jack claims to feel the presence of an unknown beast behind him while hunting. Q7: What does Jack suggest will make him a better hunter?
A: The Jack suggests that a barb on spear will make him a better hunter. Q8: Which boy does Jack view as odd?
A: Jack views Piggy as odd boy.
Q9: Where does Simon go in the jungle?
A: Simon goes to an open place in jungle with more light and heat.

Chapter 4: Painted Faces and Long Hair
Q1: Which three littluns are playing on the beach as chapter opens? A: Henry, Percival and Jhonny are playing on the beach.
Q2: Who destroys the littluns’ sand castles?
A: Roger destroys the sandcastles of littluns.
Q3: What does Roger do to cruelly bother Henry?
A: Roger throws stones around him to bother but not directly at him. Q4: What colors and substances does Jack use to paint his face? A: Jack uses white and red clay and black charcoal to paint his face. Q5: What item does Piggy suggest to make with sticks?

A: Piggy suggests making sundial with sticks.
Q6: What does Ralph spot on horizon?
A: Ralph spots a smoke line of a far away ship on horizon.
Q7: Why is the signal fire...
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