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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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1. Consider the supply chain for a domestic automobile.
a.What are the components of the supply chain for the automobile? b.What are the different firms involved in the supply chain? c.What are the objectives of these firms?
d.Provide examples of conflicting objectives in this supply chain. e.What are the risks that rare or unexpected events pose to this supply chain? 考慮國內的汽車供應鏈。
a. 何為汽車供應鏈構成的要素?
b. 在供應鏈中包含哪些不同的公司?
c. 何為這些公司的目標?
d. 試舉出在供應鏈中目標衝突的例子。
e. 此供應鏈會出現哪些少見或無法預期的風險?

Pick any car model manufactured by a domestic auto maker. For example, consider the 2002 Ford Thunderbird.

a.The supply chain for a car typically includes the following components:: 1.Suppliers for raw materials
2.Suppliers for parts and subsystems
3.Automobile manufacturer (Ford, in the example). Within a company, there are also different departments, which constitute the internal supply chain: i.Purchasing and material handling
iii.Marketing, etc.
4.Transportation providers
5.Automobile dealers

b.Many firms are involved in the supply chain.
1.Raw material suppliers. For instance, suppliers for steel, rubber, plastics, etc. 2.Parts suppliers. For instance, suppliers for engines, steering wheels, seats, and electronic components, etc. 3.Automobile manufacturer. For instance, Ford.

4.Transportation providers. For instance, shippers, trucking companies, railroads, etc. 5.Automobile dealers. For instance, Hayward Ford.

c.All companies involved in the supply chain want to maximize their respective profits by increasing revenue and decreasing cost. However, companies may employ different strategies in order to achieve this goal. Some of them focus on customer satisfaction and quick delivery, while others may be more concerned about minimizing inventory holding costs.

d.In general, different parts of the supply chain have objectives that are not aligned with each other. 1.Purchasing: Stable order quantities, flexible delivery...
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