Lesson 3

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Module Two: The Savanna Biome
Module Two begins our examinations of different biomes and some of the ecotourism opportunities and issues associated with them. In this module we consider the Savanna region of the world, the large grassland plains with small pockets of trees found on most continents.In Lesson Three we consider the theme of wildlife viewing and compare between the comprehensive and minimalist ecotourist. Wildlife viewing is a strong foundation of ecotourism but when it is the sole focus of a tourist activity it may ignore other aspects of the environment. Our focus will be on the African Savanna, an area that is experiencing considerable pressure from habitat loss. These areas are the site of large populations of African megafauna or the large mammals that graze and prey on these plains.Lesson Four considers the management of parks and protected areas. Traditionally, many ecotourism destinations are public areas that offer wildlife and vegetation some protection from human activities. We will consider the various types of parks and protected areas and the role they play in both conservation and tourism. In our case study of the Savanna, you will examine the issues of multi-use and the demands on space and wildlife from farming, hunting and ecotourism.| Lesson 3.0: Wildlife Viewing

Lesson Three Objectives
* To investigate the topic of wildlife viewing and megafauna and consider its role in ecotourism * To discuss the positive and negative aspects of wildlife watching * To debate the roles of wildlife watching and hunting

* To introduce the biomevsavanna and consider issues regarding wildlife in this region |
Lesson Three Text Readings
* Chapter 3 pp 60-78; Chapter 7 pp 185-192; Chapter 10 pp 297-299 * most of Chapter 3 is considered in more detail in Lesson Four |
Lesson Three Video
* Video South African Safari (up to 50 mins)
Lesson Three Outline
3.1| Wildlife Viewing|
3.2 Megafauna: description, African megafauna
3.3 Savanna Biome
3.4 Hunting: Historical pressures, Kenya, South Africa
Lesson 3.1: Wildlife Viewing
One of the most active areas of ecotourism is the attraction of tourists to view wildlife. This is most evident in the area of bird watching, which has seen a large growth in the last two decades as one of the preferred hobbies of retirees and more recently, baby boomers. Areas that are known for their concentrations of wildlife will draw various types of watchers from the hard-core birders targeting specific species to the soft ecotourists interested in just seeing a variety of animals. In Ontario, for instance, one of the most famous locations is Point Pelee National Park. Every spring there is an extensive festival of birds that draws thousands of visitors to the local communities of Leamington and Wheatley. The influx of tourists is important to the local community and provides capital to be used in the management of the park and wildlife. Consider the following link to Point Pelee and the Festival of Birds website to gain a better perspective of this event and location. Next consider the link to the regional Pelee tourism website. Share Your Thoughts

From the different websites write a short paragraph that examines the relationship between the opportunities for bird watching at Point Pelee and regional tourism opportunities. * What general or other local tourism opportunities are linked to the Festival of Birds or to birdwatchers in general? * Have you personally ever been on an excursion to view wildlife? * Or have you been on a trip where wildlife was a part of the objective? * If you have not then describe a trip with a focus on wildlife that you would want to take if you won the lottery. Post your responses to the Lesson 3 discusison board.

Lesson 3.2: Megafauna
One area of wildlife viewing that draws tourists from around the globe is the chance to see exotic, large land or marine mammals or megafauna. The...
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