Lesson 1

Topics: Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows, Operating system Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Fill in the Blank

1. The storage area networking technology supported by windows server 208 as a lower cost alternative to fibre channel is caled iSCSI Initiator.

2. The only server roles discussed in this lesson that are not included with the windows server 2008 porduct are Streaming Media Services and

3. DHCP and DNS are known as Infrastructure services.

4. To create a searchable catalog of web wervices on tyou r network, you would install the UDDI role.

5. To create web sites that people can use to collaborate on documents and tasks, you must install the Web Service role.

6. The feature that enhances fault tolerance by provbiding multiple data paths to a single server storage decvice is called Multipath I\O.

7. The windows server 2008 file server element that conserves disk space by eliminating duplicate copies of files is called single instance store.

8. The application server role is essentially a superset of the web server role.

9. To implement windows vista desktop themes on a windows server 2008 computer you must install the desktop experience feature.

10. The type of activation recommended by Microsoft for medium to largenetworks with volume licensing agreements is KMS.

Multiple Choice.

1. B.

2. D

3. C

4. D

5. A

6. B

7. D

8. B

9. D

10. A


1. It’s good to split them up so you can have faster response time. Another reason is that if that machine goes down, your network goes down. It would be much more expensive to do that.

2. In a distributed application, you take the application and put it on the drive. You are basically sending out the application through your network.
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