Topics: Eye, Inflammation, Cutaneous conditions Pages: 4 (612 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Lesion Configuration:
Discrete- individual lesions are separated and distinct.
Grouped- lesions are clustered together.
Confluent- lesions merge so that discrete lesions are not visible or palpable. Dermatomal- lesions form a line or an arch and follow a dermatome. Types of Skin lesion:
Pustule- pus filled
Cyst- something enclosed in a sack/under a slant
Nodule- something that is raised
-detectable by touch; 1 or more diameter
-raised, reddish area that is commonly itchy and lasts 24hrs. or less Fissure- irregular line; painful crackle tension
Bulla- large, fluid-filled blisters that usually 1cm or more in diameter Papule- solid, raised lesion that’s usually less than 1cm in diameter Macule- flat, small, discolored spot or patch on the skin

Ulcer- craterlike lesions of the skin that usually extends at least into the dermis Vesicle- small, fluid blister that’s usually 1cm
ABCDE’s of Malignant Melanoma
A- Asymmetrical lesion
B- Border Irregular
C- color of lesions varies with shades of tan, brown or black and possibly red, blue or white D- diameter greater than 6mm
E- elevated or enlarging lesion
Benign Vs. Dangerous
Benign- not cancerous, symmetrical
Hypothermia- BP
Xerosis- excessive dryness; anhydrosis
Diaphoresis- profuse sweating; hyperdrosis
Edema- palpate in the intracellular spaces
Types of Edema:
Pitting- present when indentation remains on skin after applying pressure Non-pitting- firm with discoloration or thickening of skin
Angioedema- recurring episodes of non- inflammatory swelling of skin, brain, viscera and mucus membrane Dependent- localized increase of extracellular fluid volume in a dependent limb or area Anasarca- generelized edema

Lymphedema- due to the obstruction of a lymphatic vessel

Stoma- artificial surgical opening
Wry neck/ torticollis- head tilted sideward
-muscles pull the head towards the side
Ismuths- bridge of thyroid gland
Bruits- sound like a purring of a cat...
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