Language Task - Explain How the Language in This Extract Influences the Reader’s View of the Significance of Slim. (16) - Extract: Lennie Spoke Craftily: ‘Tell Me – Like You Done Before.’ ‘Tell You What?’ ‘About the

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Explain how the language in this extract influences the reader’s view of the significance of Slim. (16) Slim is introduced as a respected man with great influence over the other ranch hands, without the need to wear his authority, as shown by the boss and Curley. His friendliness to George and Lennie is consistently shown throughout the extract. Furthermore, his skill on the ranch is shown to be superior to the other characters. Slim is compared to ‘royalty’ in the extract; he is described as ‘majestic’ and as a ‘prince,’ highlighting the respect he gained from the other ranch hands and suggesting that his presence is noticed. Moreover, he is described to wear ‘blue jeans and a short denim jacket,’ the same as the other ranch hands, showing that unlike the boss and Curley, Slim does not need to wear his authority and he is respected not for his leading position but because of his skill and personality. Furthermore, his physical appearance is significant, the way he ‘stood in the doorway’ shows that his arrival is important and he does not go unnoticed. His crushed ‘Stetson hat’ and combed ‘long, black damp hair’ contrast to the austere conditions of the American depression. This suggests that Slim carries a positive and proud attitude even in the harshness of the ranch hands lives. Similarly, his position, ‘the jerkline skinner’ portrays him as a leader, who has power over the other men. Slim is shown to be very friendly towards the new ranch hands, George and Lennie, immediately welcoming them. The way he ‘looked kindly’ and ‘his tone was friendly’ shows his welcoming nature. This greatly contrasts with the hostility shown by Curley, and the harshness of the boss. Amidst the hostile nature of 1930’s America in the depression and its effect on people to victimise others, shown by Curley and the open racism in the text, Slim is still a pleasant and thoughtful character. Similarly, the invitation, ‘hope you get on my team’ shows that Slim is significant at...
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