Lab: Preparation of Zinc Iodide

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Trisheena Harricharran 4/1/13
Miguel Perez Chem 106 Sec 006
* Barium Iodide- White and powdery
* Zinc Sulfate- White and powdery
* Boiling Chips- Tiny, grey and rock like
Experimental Observations:
Barium Iodide used- .63g
Zinc Sulfate used- .45g
Boling Tube with 2 boiling chips- 41.52g
Barium Iodide in solution with 2 mL of deionized water looks cloudy. Zinc Sulfate in solution with 2 mL of deionized water is clear. Barium Iodide solution mixed with Zinc Sulfate solution turns milky white. After first centrifugation, solution separates into Barium Sulfate precipitate and Zinc Iodide supernatant. Supernatant is decanted into boiling tube. After second centrifugation we are left with more precipitate and a little more supernatant. Supernatant is poured off again and precipitate is washed again with another 1 mL of deionized water. After third centrifugation very little supernatant is left. We add the supernatant to the boiling tube. The Barium Sulfate waste product is disposed of properly in the waste beaker. We heat our boiling tube in the Bunsen burner and we are left with a small amount of white powdery Zinc Iodide. Mass of test tube with zinc iodide- 42g. We made a total of .48g of zinc iodide.

Trisheena Harricharran 4/1/13
Miguel Perez Chem 106 Sec 006
Tabulated and Graphical Results
Complete Graph of all Tests in Lab
Group #| % Yield| |
1| 96.20%| Misbah Haque, Mellinie Alacron|
2| 104.63%| Glenia Israel, Angie Li|
3| 98.40%| Vasadeo, Waleed, Kathyrine|
4| 92.20%| Andrea, Anna|
5| 104.50%| Justin, Daphne|
6| 92.41%| Eden, Bobby|
7| 81.70%| Evelisse, Ammy|
8| 104.80%| Neel Desai, Miguel Perez|
9| 106.30%| Jing Leong, Suzanna Uddin|
10| 97.73%| Navpreet Kaur, Laura Decean|

Mass of test tube with 2 boiling chips is 41.52g.
Mass of test tube with zinc iodide product is 42g.
Mass of zinc iodide made during...
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