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The formation of three States


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The formation of three States
Due to the constant struggles to share one common state for three different ethnic and cultures after the end of the British mandate, it is mandatory for the UN to propose solutions to be adopted by the 3 groups residing in KM in order to keep the peace between them and in the region, and to foster bases toward their healthier future. Therefore, it is proposed to divide the KM state into 3 separate and independent states to stabilize the new states and the region. This proposal comes in line with the Treaty of Versailles and the principal of “self determination” of national people of common ethnicity and nationality should have the ability to rule themselves ( KM case), because the joint of three groups under one state is under uncontainable know direction and to fulfill the principal purpose of the UN. Hereby UN Security Council must issue resolution to divide KM into 3 independent states. Current Status of KM

First, since the KM is already an independent state with territorial sovereignty after British mandate ended. KM current relations with neighboring countries calls for International law to be applicable, international relationship between states-public international law (International business Law, August, page1). There is the existent necessity for the UN to rule over the state of KM under current circumstances and the declared independence of Vulcans and Ferengi from KM.

Now, each of the three groups has evidence of general practice when it comes to occupied land, - international custom-. Thus, the fact that current occupied territory by majority of one group could be use as limits to divide the territory in equally and fair portions of the territory of KM, one third for each group as defined by map (KM Case). Therefore , international courts should use the above international custom as...
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