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IT260 Exam II Review Sheet
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1.E-mail is typically created and sent using an e-mail client program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora, called a _____ MDA _____.

2.Domain names that contain the name of the host computer are called ___ FQDN _____.

3.______ ESMTP ______ is an improved version of the standard e-mail protocol that provides greater support for embedded graphics and attachments in e-mail.

4.Which Exchange Server role allows users to access e-mail, voice mail, and fax messages from a MAPI client, OWA, smart phone, or telephone? Fax server role

5.The two forest-wide FSMO roles that must be present on a single DC in the forest are the Domain Naming Master and the _____ Schema Master _____.

6.GPOs are applied to user and computer objects based on the link in the following order: _____site ____> Domain> Parent OUs> Child OUs.

7.Installing the Exchange role on multifunction servers is a ___ Poor _____ practice.

8.An Exchange server that hosts the Edge, Hub, CAS, and Mailbox server roles should have at least __4_GB of RAM.

9.To install Exchange Server 2007 from the installation media, you can run the setup.exe for graphical mode or the for ___ unattended ____ mode.

10.Which administrative role grants full permission to all components of Exchange as well as Exchange-related objects and information in AD? Exchange organization Administrator role

11.Unlike other Exchange servers within your Exchange Organization, servers that host the ___ Edge ___ role cannot communicate directly with Active Directory.

12.To relay e-mail within your organization and across the Internet, your Hub and Edge role servers must have _____ connectors _____ that specify how to send and receive e-mail.

13.Which user group represents users within an organization that have both a user account in AD and a mailbox on an Exchange server? Mailbox users

14.If you create __ mail...
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