Isys100 Practical Exam

Topics: Blog, Mass media, Political blog Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: April 10, 2013
ISYS Practical exam
Blog Short response considerations
You will need to consider:
- The layout

- Colors and Backgrounds

- Logo

- Tags

A blog (short for Web log) is a type of Web page that features entries that provide a commentary on a single subject (the benefits of recycling household garbage) or a particular genre (politics, religion, green living, fashion, and so on). Blogs are essentially online journals, often written by a single person. Postings to blogs are not necessarily in any particular order but rather reflect what a blogger (a person who creates and maintains a blog) is thinking about at the time. Blog posts are the text, images, and/or videos that provide information to blog readers. Posts contain a title and the date they were posted to the blog site. Blog posts are listed in reverse chronological order (i.e., the newest entries appear first). Blog comments are written commentaries left by readers pertaining to a certain blog post. Not every blog permits readers to post comments. Comments are displayed directly below a post or might be accessed from a link located next to or below the post that leads to the comments for that post. A blog archive is a list of posts to the blog by date. It is usually organized by week or month. This provides readers the option of quickly finding recent posts to the blog. A blog roll is a list of Web links to other blogs that creator feels will be of interest to his readers. In addition to an archive, many blogs now include a list of topics for the blog posts. This makes it easier for a reader to find relevant information on blogs that have a vast number of postings. Subscription links give readers an easy way to determine when a blog has been updated. An RSS feed is simply a Web document that includes a list of the new content posted to a site, such as a blog. The RSS feed is automatically updated as new content is added and notifies those readers who subscribed to...
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