Irish Identity and Religious Diversity

Communicative action , Irish nationalism , Religion

To what extent does the new religious diversity in Ireland challenge traditional definitions of Irish national identity? Religious Change and Continuity. Harry M. Johnson (ed). Jossey – Bass Publishers, San Francisco Washington London (1979). William C. Shepherd, ‘Conversion and Adhesion’

(p252): “systems of thought do not just hover in thin, disembodied air; they are profoundly embedded in cultures and linked both to institutions and to other kinds of modes of thought” “It is a mistake to concentrate solely on the pessimistic strands” (p253): “new cults are springing up everywhere overnight, and new prophets and new hawkers are not slow to take advantage of the billowing market for religious vendibles” (p261): “Emphasis on the specific intellectual content of a religious preference is less and less significant in most contemporary religious movements. A kind of deliberate vagueness characterizes institutional Christianity, while deliberate flux and interweaving are the marks of polysymbolic religiosity.” Harry M. Johnson, ‘Religion in Social Change and Social Evolution’ (p313): “a religion is a kind of code, model, or paradigm that shapes or patterns a more or less “total” way of life: inner experience, action, and judgement.” (p314): “Because of its tendency to be comprehensive and cultural (rather than utterly unique to individuals), religion must have implications for social life; an important aspect of its code is moral.” (p316): “This fusion of political and religious authority...” Perspectives on New Religious Movements. John A. Saliba. Geoffrey Chapman, London (1995). (pvii): “The rise of religious and spiritual movements is a complex phenomenon that involves many different facets of Western cultural and religious life.” “Because they are non-traditional and marginal, new religious groups can easily appear to be a threatening force that lies beyond comprehension and control.” (X) Religion and Everyday Life. Stephen Hunt. Routledge, New York Canada...
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