Intrinsic Values of Biodiversity

Topics: Life, Biodiversity, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Intrinsic value is the value that an entity has in itself, for what it is, or as an end Intrinsic Values of Biodiversity
* All life has inherent worth – Every species has a value and role in nature. It has a right to exist, whether or not it is known to be useful to humans. All life is sacred and must be protected. Humans are no more important than other species. They all have a good of their own and both deserve to be valued.Thus everything has an equal right to exist simply because it already exists. Having this right will result in also having a "right" to have ones future survival guaranteed to an extent equal to any and all other species.

* Ecosystems have intrinsic value as they provide emotional and aesthetic experiences - they are valued for their complexity, diversity, spiritual significance, wildness, beauty, or wondrousness. They offer an enormous variety of opportunities for recreation, and they clean our water, purify our air, and maintain our soil. They regulate our climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food. They provide raw materials and resources for our medicines; they form the foundation on which we build our societies. As a result, species and ecosystems have subjective intrinsic value.

HUNTING BY THE WILD ANIMALS IS AN UNETHICAL INTRINSIC VALUE REQUIRED FOR THE BALANCE IN A BIODIVERSITY It is important to maintain diversity as loss of one kind of species can result in the loss of another kind of species. For example, pollinators, if they are lost, then there is loss in plant species too as there are no organisms to spread the pollen grains so plants can reproduce. This loss in plants affects us human beings as we need plants to survive.They are essentially our primary source of food. It is essential to conserve the diversity of pollinators and sustain natural ecosystems in order to preserve the quality of life for humans and all other species on the planet.” They are the most important set of animals to focus on for all...
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