Installing Sf-Iv on Your Android

Topics: File system, File manager, File copying Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: March 25, 2012
your phone has to be rooted ! and have at least 2.1 + android the link to the download site download all three files
-street fighter apk ( the one that fits you screen )
-TitaniumBackup files
-download data
extract the two files
and put apk on the root of your sd card
then transfer over SF_IV_DATA to the root of you sd card also it should take awhile when done then disconnect the phone from the computer
install the apk using a file explorer you can find on in the market the apk file is in the sdcard root then install it and DO NOT OPEN THE IT
then download titanium backup from the market 
open titanium backup and click on backup/restore
then find SF IV HD 1.00.00 and click on it
then click back up
connect the phone back to the computer
explore your sd card and find titanium backup folder and open it find these three files and delete them
and go back to the file you downloaded and extracted called then open it and click on the next folder called titanium backup then copy all the 3 files to the sd card titanium backup folder disconnect the phone and go back the titanium backup and click back on the SF IV 1.00.00 and restore make sure the date says 12/28/2011 3:27 then click on only data when its all done then play the game

el plugin the plugin
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