Inspection of Aircraft Tyres

Topics: Propeller, Jet engine, Internal combustion engine Pages: 4 (989 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Perth College - UHI|
Propulsion and Power Transfer|
Laboratory work|
Lokesh Kumar Bailapudi 12001556|

Report on the work done during the practical session. |

Activity 1:- Basic performance data2
Activity 2:- Propeller Parameters3
Activity 3:- Observation of fuel flow from instrumentation3
Activity 4:- Propeller Performance in Axial Momentum Theory4
Axial momentum theory4
Activity 5:- Determining5
Activity 6:-6

Activity 1:- Basic performance data
Serial Number| Description | value|
1| MTOW| 550 lbs.|
2| Fuel weight| 100 gal or 378 litres|
3| Wing span| 36feet11 inches or 11.25 meters|
4| Engine type| Teledyne continental, IO 520M, 285 hp at 2700 rpm with 520 cubic inches displacement| 5| Propeller diameter| 78 inches|
6| No. of blades/prop| 3 blades|
7| Wing area| 179 square feet or 16.6 square meters|
8| Engine max continuous power| 285 horse power at 2700 rpm for each engine| 9| Take-off power| 285 hp |
10| Fuel flow type| Fuel injection|
11| Take-off speed| 92 KIAS and 82 KIAS at 15 degrees flaps| 12| Cruise speed| 181 KIAS|
13| Cruise altitude| 19,750 feet |
14| Range| 1152 nm or 2133 km|
Table 1: Basic performance data for Cessna 310R (Walther, 2004). Activity 2:- Propeller Parameters
* Forward speed: - The rate of movement along the path of flight is known as forward speed. * RPM: - RPM means revolutions per minute. It is defined as the number of revolutions rotated by the propeller per minute. * Mtip: - Mtip is defined as the Mach number at the tip of propeller blade. * Diameter: - Length of the propeller blade from blade root to blade tip is the radius of the propeller blade. Twice to the radius is known as diameter. * Pitch:- The angle between the axis of rotation and the chord of a propeller is known as pitch * Chord distribution along the radius: - the velocity...
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