Inquiry Training Model Lesson Note

Topics: Bone fracture, Inductive reasoning, Abductive reasoning Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Phase 1|  |
Today we are going to play a game called inquiry process. It is a game where everyone can take part. | (Tr. Explains the inquiry procedure to the students) | RULE OF INQUIRY | (Students can ask teacher to repeat procedure if they don’t understand)| The question should be phrased in such a way that they can be answered in Yes or No. You can discuss among yourself. | (tr. States rule of inquiry process questions should be yes or no type, etc) | DISCREPANT EVENT| (Tr. Ask- what is the discrepancy in the event) | Shamu and Ramu are best friends. They are of different economic status. Shamu is son of a businessman and Ramu is son of farmer. They study in same class and shore their common hobbies. Shamu is provided with all the privileges as he is rich whereas Ramu helps his father in the farm during early hours before going to college. They both met with an accident in which Shamu suffered with multiple bone fractures but Ramu just fractured his leg.| | What is the reason that Shamu has got multiple fractures, while Ramu got just one. | | Phase II Data gathering (verification)| (Tr. Ask students to find out the further details about the discrepant event by enquiring procedure) | Q.) Was Shamu obese?| |

Q.) Was Shamu having milk in his regular diet?| |
 | (Student discussed among themselves the questions and asked the teacher) (tr. gives response to students by saying yes or no.)| | (Teacher develop BB work)|
Phase III- Data Gathering: Experimentation.
Suppose he was drunk while driving| Student gather data by experimentation| Phase IV- Explain the enquiry process.
Q.) Was Shamu obese? YES
Q.) Was Shamu doing exercise properly? NO | (Tr. read the noted questions to student and ask them to explain about problem)|  | (If needed teacher help them to prepare the explanation of problem) (Student try to prepare the...
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